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Okay, you overpowered me, tied me up, shoved a rope up my pussy, now what!??? Take whatever money you want! I can barely move and my arms and crotch hurt! Stop being such a fucking lesbo psycho bitch! Untie me!!

"Oh, I didn’t come here for money. You remember me? The "quiet bitchy" girl at the back of your math lecture?"

Yes… yes, I didn’t mean anything from that. Please! Let me go. I won’t call the police…. Ewww ewwww! No! Don’t gag me with that, you shoved it in your wet pussy! That’s so gross… oh no, please no, NOO-MMMMPPPPPHHHHHHHH

"That’s better, slave"


"Yes baby yes. I taste good don’t I? We’re going to have a fun filled weekend, you’ll see. Let’s start by getting out the whip"

(Source: thexpaul2)

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